1. angry youth Rispondi
    No problem Manos. Lessons learned:-you need negotiating power when you have to deal with Germany -even when you have that, there's no point in negotiating with Germany Italy will deal with them. We backstabbed them in both world wars, we make them cry in football games, we'll kill the Germanic Euro weapon of mass destruction. Within the next decade, we'll have our own referendum and it will be on the Euro membership; we will vote to quit the currency and only then we will talk with the Germans, just to say ''enjoy bailing out Deutsche Bank for the next 250 years'', because it won't survive the financial turmoil caused by Italexit. When Germans start experiencing a Greek style austerity that causes 30% unemployment to repay the mistakes of private banks, I'll see if they still want Schaeuble in charge. Did Greece get what they deserve? Maybe. Germany will too. So says history. PS, better equal partner with Russia than vassal of ''Fuck the EU'' Nuland.